Emergency Response to the Covid 19 Pandemic

Additionally, We’ll Gladly Provide You a Personal Tax Credit Letter for Your Help




As a start-up charity, the People’s Pallet Project doesn’t have the corporate donor base that the big charities enjoy. The People’s Pallet Project cannot perform it’s mission without your help accessing corporate donations.

Every company on our Matching Gift List has put aside quarterly donations earmarked for small local charities. Sadly, only about 15% of these funds are actually utilized. That’s where we come in. We start the ball rolling by funding your donation up front in cash. You never pay a dime. Your company matches our cash, and you decide what charities gets the assistance. Your company gets to actually use the tax break, you get to take advantage of the tax break, the charities can do our jobs, and your local communities actually see the relief on the ground. We provide emergency response to the Covid 19 Pandemic with the help of our Partner Charities nation wide.

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